World Trade Center works actively to constantly improve its environmental work. The house is BREEAM certified with a classification of "very good". WTC conference is also Eco-labelled and enviromental-classified, find out more at enviromental and secutity

Through our supplier Logistikbolaget, we have ensured that sorting, collection and follow-up takes place with the highest possible quality. The offices in WTC are equipped with their own recycling stations so that waste is sorted right from the start. 

The system is modern and flexible and has many benefits from an environmental perspective. The sorted waste makes it possible to recycle to a large extent and it also means that the number of transports to and from the property are fewer in number. All handling is recorded and documented, which gives a lot of control over the environmental impact and makes it easy to take corrective action.

The fact that the majority of our guests, thanks to our central location, choose to arrive using public transportation makes it even better.

Most of our sub-contractros are also ISO certified.